Wheel Talk

Having OEM chrome vehicle wheels can definitely add to the esthetic value of your car. Some effort is required in order to keep a bright and shiny finish on your vehicle wheels. Factory chrome vehicle wheels are susceptible to corrosion caused by water among other factors. To prevent this you have to keep them clean. You should wash your stock vehicle wheels at least once a week. This is especially important if you live in an area that corrosion may be more likely to occur such as climates with high humidity, high salt content in the air or areas with lots of snow or rain. In addition to washing, you may occasionally apply some kind of sealant containing wax to your factory chrome rims.

To start the cleaning process, get some cool water, add a bit of soap, and have your car in a shaded area. Cool areas allow the vehicle wheel to dry without leaving spots. Lightly spray the chrome rims to aid in the removal of dirt build-up. Avoid using ammonia or acid based cleaning products will likely damage the used vehicle wheel. Take your sponge or other non-abrasive cleaning tool and clean with light pressure. Rubbing with too much pressure can cause damage to your used chrome vehicle rim. Any abrasive material will likely damage the finish on the wheel as well.

After the initial run through, take a detailed look at the original wheel to ensure removal of all of the debris. If not all of the dirt was removed, take another run through to ensure the cleanliness of your used chrome rim. In addition, make sure that you have done your best to reach all of the parts of the chrome vehicle wheel.

Once the OEM vehicle rim is clean, allow it to air dry in the shade. After it has fully dried, wax and polish the chrome wheel. It is best to use a chrome specific wax or polish to achieve the best results. Apply a thin layer of the product to the wheel and allow it to settle. Then, gently buff the product off using a soft cloth. Polishing will brighten up your used chrome rims. Using a wax with a sealant will help to protect your stock chrome vehicle wheels. This should be done about once a month. If polishing, do the process with the polish first then follow the same process for waxing.

By following these instructions, you will be able to keep your chrome vehicle rims in top shape and keep your OEM wheels nice and bright.