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Can I recondition my stock original wheel?

Need to know whether or not your stock wheel can be reconditioned? Repairing a wheel depends on the type of damage and how bad the damage is. For instance, a bent used rim might not be repairable if it’s center bent whereas a wheel with some light curb rash typically can be reconditioned. We’ll let you know right away if your wheel is repairable, if it’s worth repairing, and if a replacement rim is a better option. 

Can I recondition a wheel with curb rash? Yes. 

Curb rash damage is sustained from rubbing a wheel against a curb and is fairly common. A rim with only curb damage won’t cause a vibration. The simple fix is filing and repainting, as long as the grinding done by the curb is not too deep into the metal. Deep damage may require welding otherwise the filing will leave an indentation or flat spot. However, for more exotic OEM wheel finishes, such as hyper silvers and chrome, it can be more difficult to replicate the finish.

Do I need a replacement wheel? You don’t need to replace a curbed wheel usually. 

Can I recondition an alloy wheel with corrosion? Yes, but it’s only a temporary solution. 

Corrosion is often irreversible. Over time, a corroded wheel will get worse, and excessive corrosion on the mounting surface leads to leaking air. Sanding down and putting a coating on the bead of the wheel removes corrosion and creates a smooth surface for mounting. However, this solution works for a while but there’s no guarantee that the wheel won’t leak again.

Do I need a replacement wheel? Once corrosion has started, it’s likely to continue. Most of the time it’s best to replace a heavily corroded wheel, but even a brand new alloy wheel could corrode especially in moist climates with a lot of salt. 

Can I recondition a bent rim? Sometimes. 

Repairing a bent wheel is common, but not all bent wheels are repairable. Reconditioning a bent wheel depends on where the bend is on the wheel and how badly bent it is. Small bends on the back of the wheel can be easily fixed whereas bends on the front side can be more difficult as the design of the wheel may get in the way of the repair process. 

Do I need to replace my bent rim? If it’s a bad bend, it may cause the wheel to be center bent. These types of bends are non-repairable and a replacement would be best.