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Should you get a used stock wheel?

Why buy a used wheel?

 Used Stock Wheels in Warehouse


Why would someone prefer a used wheel over a reconditioned wheel?

Is it safe to drive on a used rim? A straight used wheel that has been carefully inspected may be a good option compared to a reconditioned rim or an expensive brand new OEM wheel. And for some, you may not even need a shiny new looking wheel if you have an older car that might otherwise have wheels that are faded and or have scratches. Here at, we are experts on factory original rims and OEM wheels. With over 150 years of combined stock wheel experience, we can help you make an informed decision on whether or not a used wheel is the right choice for you.

Used wheels can be inexpensive and a great option compared to reconditioned rims that tend to be higher in price because of the reconditioning process. While we do sell reconditioned and new factory original wheels, you may not need that “like-new” wheel. We often see situations where an individual simply needs a quick replacement rim to get them back on the road ASAP while staying under budget. Aside from pricing, if a person owns a much older car, they may not want a shiny new wheel because it won’t match the other 3 wheels. Our inventory of used OEM wheels is graded using our 12-tier A+ through F grading that categorizes them based on the wheel’s appearance. This easy to understand grading scale takes into account wheels that have never been mounted as well as wheels that look good at first glance but may have a few minor scratches noticeable at a 10-foot distance.

We inspect every wheel on the way in, and at the time of sale! When we receive a used rim, before entering it into our inventory, it must undergo a rigorous inspection. The wheel is inspected at least twice to ensure that it is straight and serviceable. If we obtain a significantly bent factory wheel that is beyond repair, the wheel will be scrapped.

While there are more reasons as to why a person may prefer a used wheel, it’s mainly a subjective decision based on the look of the wheel and its cost. Considering a spare tire and wheel for emergencies? These days as many cars do not come with a spare, we even see people that keep a used wheel in the garage just as they would with a tire. This is a smart move for anyone that does not have a minute to spare!

While we stock a large selection of used OEM rims for over 40 makes, we also offer new take-offs and reconditioned wheels in both steel and alloy. Aside from our wheel replacement services, we offer to recondition used wheels. One of the best parts of our wheel reconditioning service is that if we receive a wheel that is damaged beyond repair, we will let you know RIGHT AWAY. However, if the wheel has sustained some curb rash, light scrapes, and other minor damages such as slight bends, we will get it done quickly and usually on the next business day! You can even send pictures to get the repair process started. Just text a pic to 951-RimText (951-746-8398).

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Reconditioned Wheels vs. Used Rims

Differences between a used wheel and a reconditioned rim

A used stock wheel is an OEM wheel that has been mounted on a car and may have sustained a bit of wear over time. While a reconditioned wheel is a used stock wheel without significant damage that has been polished, painted, machined, or a combination of to appear as a brand new factory original rim. When comparing a reconditioned wheel and a used wheel, the considerations are appearance, cost, and a customer’s personal preference.

Reconditioned Wheel vs Used Wheel 


A used wheel can look less appealing than a reconditioned or a new take-off wheel. A reconditioned wheel is meant to appear shiny and new. When we obtain used wheels, we first begin by inspecting the wheels carefully for any damage. We note cosmetic damage that has occurred over time using our 12-tier A through F grading scale. This easy to understand grading system describes wheels from brand new to heavily used condition. For instance, our “B Grade” wheel will have a minor scratch/scuff or two, is nice and shiny, and of course, is a straight wheel! Here is a quick look at our grading scale:


A Like New

It looks brand new but has been mounted. No flaws on the face of the wheel. New take-off with minimal miles. What you would expect on a new car.

B Good

Good at first glance. Few minor scratches are noticeable at a 10-foot distance. Has a bright uniform finish. No deep nicks in metal. No missing or dented metal.

B- Good


Good at first glance. Same as “B” but has light curb rash.


While a reconditioned wheel starts as a used OE rim, the reconditioning process can be laborious and time-consuming, making it more costly than a used wheel. If the used OE wheel passes our stringent examination, they will go through the reconditioning process to make the used OE wheel look like a new factory original rim. Some wheels need to be straightened and repaired if they have dents or scratches. Other wheels sometimes need to be stripped of their finish and then repainted. But due to the labor and materials used during the reconditioning process, a reconditioned wheel will cost more than a used wheel. However, if the used wheel is an A+ that has never been mounted, then that wheel may also be higher in price.

When it comes down to deciding between a used rim or a reconditioned wheel, the decision is personal. If an individual has a new model and they hit a pothole causing damage to their wheel, then that person may prefer replacing their wheel with a reconditioned wheel so it will match the others. On the other hand, another person who owns an older vehicle may not need to replace their wheel with a reconditioned rim because then they would have one oddball out of four. They may prefer to have a used wheel that matches the other three wheels. Cost and wheel appearance will play a part in deciding which is best. specializes in both used wheels and reconditioned rims. With over 150 years of stock wheel experience, we can help you find the right wheel for you and your needs. Based in Los Angeles, we sell and buy wheels throughout the country. Find your replacement wheel in our large selection of factory original wheels in both steel and aluminum alloy.