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Winter stock rims for winter tires?

Can you use the same rims for your winter tires? 

Using the same rims for winter tires


If you have steel wheels, then in almost all cases you can use the same rims with your winter tires. If you have alloy wheels, then you may want to reconsider changing your wheels.

Narrower tires have an easier time plowing through snow, making steel wheels a popular option. Especially for drivers in harsh winters, this is one reason you should consider smaller steel wheels for winter on your car when shopping for snow tires. Smaller steel wheels can also protect your expensive aluminum rims from corrosion, potholes and provide a smoother ride.


Driving in harsh winters


When downsizing your steel wheels, you will need to compensate for that by adjusting the tire's size. The overall diameter should be close to or equal to the diameter of the wheels you are replacing. Not only will this help keep your speedometer and odometer accurate, but this also gives the tire's sidewall more height helping to absorb the impacts from the road, lessening your chances of flat tires and bent rims. Make sure the steel rims clear your brake calipers so that they properly rotate.

Lastly, another advantage in using a steel wheel compared to an alloy wheel is the price. Steel rims cost less than alloy because their production is less complicated than alloy, often will have a simple design, and are easier to maintain.


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