Protecting your OEM Wheels from Theft

While car theft is a commonly reported issue, you may also be vulnerable to another type of crime, rim theft. How can you guard your vehicle against a costly loss? has collected some of the best tips to help you protect your wheels. 

  • Alarm System. A loud alarm will deter almost anyone who is up to something no good. 

  • Build bonds with the people living in your neighborhood to increase the chances that someone will report suspicious activity. 

  • Whenever possible, always park your car in a closed garage or park in a populated area with a lot of foot traffic or hopefully in view of security cameras. Well-lit areas are best!

  • When parking, try turning your front wheels! Cranking the steering wheel all of the way will make it a bit harder to pull off larger diameter, and usually more expensive alloy wheels. 

  • Park your car as close to the curb as possible to help deter wheel theft. This way, there's no space for a jack-lift. Be sure to make sure that the rims don't scrape against the curb! 

In the event you are the victim of rim theft, have a spare wheel. So many cars do not come with spares anymore. Ask us about a spare tire and wheel, but keep in mind that it may not fit well in the trunk. is also here to help if you happen to scrape or scuff up your wheel. Our wheel repair services are top of the line while our stock wheel experts know how to provide excellent customer service and get the job done in a timely manner. Read more about alloy wheel repair and reconditioned wheel services here


Also, if your OEM rims do need replacing, whether they are damaged or stolen, we can help you find your replacement wheels within our large inventory of stock factory original rims. carries both steel rims and aluminum alloy wheels in a wide range of conditions from used wheels on up to fully remanufactured factory original wheels.


We stock used rims, new take-off wheels, and reconditioned rims. Our wheels are graded on a scale that helps you find the right stock wheel for you. Check out our factory original wheel selection here

Can’t find the wheel? Just give us a call, and one of our OEM Stock Wheel Experts can help you! (800) 224-1208