Stock Wheel Services

Besides buying stock rims and selling factory OEM wheels, also provides rim repair, wheel refinishing, bent wheel straightening, wheel color changes, as well as chrome and PVD chrome rim service.
Wheel Repair utilizes years of OEM wheel and rim experience and expertise in order to offer excellent wheel repair. We offer rim repair service that will make your used wheels look brand new! We can take care of scrapes, scratches, dings and bent rims quickly and reliably.
One advantage of doing business with us is that upon inspection of your damaged wheel, we advise you immediately if we feel that we cannot repair the wheel. If we are unable to repair your used rim we can usually offer a replacement rim from our vast inventory of factory original rims and wheels.
Learn more about our wheel repair services and take advantage of your free estimate by giving us a call today at (800) 224-1208.
With only a few exceptions, can quickly restore your wheels to a “like new” condition at a very reasonable price. Reconditioning your rims can be less expensive than buying replacement wheels and may add to the resale value of your car. We offer a multitude of wheel refinishing services such as wheel painting, powder coating, high gloss finishes, and color changes.
Chrome plated wheels are a popular way to improve the look of your vehicle. Not only is this process quick and easy but it will also save you from the cost of purchasing an expensive set of aftermarket chrome wheels. And here is a bonus! We will immediately inform you if we do not think they will come out of the process looking great. Some companies do not realize that every factory original wheel cannot be successfully chrome plated. We know the difference!
PVD Chroming offers PVD chroming as an option instead of chrome plating. PVD is more environmentally friendly compared to the traditional chrome plating process and produces a longer-lasting finish. PVD holds up better than traditional chrome in regions where snow or salty air can damage a wheel’s finish. Bright PVD chrome is very similar to traditional chrome, or you can choose black chrome which is a chrome look with a dark tint.
Powder Coating
Powder coated wheels are finished with dry powder and are more durable than liquid painted wheels. More and more OEM rims are powder coated and are being offered in different colors such as black and gray. You can have your wheels done in almost any color you wish! This tough finish is great for areas of the country where salty air and snow are factors as they can damage the finish of a wheel.
Polished aluminum wheels look great but need to be maintained with regular waxing. When you compare a well maintained polished rim to a chrome rim it’s hard for a non-pro to tell the difference. Many people opt for polish especially on sets of vintage custom wheels to maintain the old school look.